10,000 posters going to 100 cities

I was at MediaVillage yesterday to meet Herve Matine and check out the posters he is sending out to 100 cities to be displayed on October 10th as a part of Posters for Tomorrow. I was lucky to get there just as he was packing the final sets of 100 and got to help and see all the works 7 times over! You can check out some of the participating cities here. Because of the sensitive topic chosen for this year some of the exhibitions are happening underground and are only advertised through local networks.

MediaVillage itself was interesting to see; originally one of the factories set up for building and dismantling of the Eiffle Tower, it has been used as a bicycle factory and then a button making factory and since 2000 is the shared workspace for Designers and Media companies that it is today. The space is in 3 floors with all the desks facing a central atrium filling the whole place with natural light.