Reconstructed Reality

Dideh Magazine (Dideh meaning “eye” or “seen” in Farsi) is an online publication featuring remarkable works by Iranian photographers. I highly recommend seeing the works of Zeinab Salarvand and Reza Aramesh for their fresh take on the subject matters and geographies that we assume we know.

Here is an excerpt from Fabio Severo’s accompanying text for Reza Aramesh’s work. 

Aramesh raise to a universal level images of conflicts we are used to ascribe only to certain areas of the world, and at the same time question those original photographs and our way of looking at them.
By restaging events from the world’s many conflicts, Aramesh brings those photographs back to the act of their creation: that moment, that angle, those people. Showing ‘the real world’ inside a museum is perhaps the best way to raise the issue of the language used to illustrate it; the paintings on the wall remind us of the weight of the picures we choose to describe reality.

The paradox of the setting with captions are my favorite moment. It creates a split second where I read the names Palestine, Gaza and Israel with no preconceived notion of war and conflict. 

Action 54. Israeli soldiers lead two blindfolded Palestinian prisoners as they walk from the Gaza Strip through the Karni Crossing at the end of a ground and air operation in Gaza, 15 January 2008. Source: Dideh Magazine

Not directly related, also check out works by my good friends Shahrzad Chamglavaee and Sanaz Mazinani.